There is no future: the ironic peace of learned hopelessness (#zenofdoc)

We must be prepared to laugh with the universe at the banality of our own immolation.

Full moon. Snowfield, vast
beneath the mountain:

	to understand the 
truth of people, study
their contradictions.

This morning I posted this little koan (minus graphic) to Facebook:

It’s easier to live in the now once you accept there is no future.

I’m hardly the first to trot out a “there is no future” Zen meme. My grasp of Zen philosophy is minimal, at best, but it seems conceptions of the future are perhaps related to the ever-corrosive want, which is an impediment to the ability to live in the now – and the now is all that truly exists. Continue reading “There is no future: the ironic peace of learned hopelessness (#zenofdoc)”


If everybody were like me, the world would be…

I think a lot of us have this idea in our heads that if everyone in the world were more like us things would generally a lot better. Maybe we’d even have a utopia on our hands.


Mostly we’re delusional, of course. I have one old friend who’d trot out the old “if everybody were more like me” line periodically. In his mind the world would be some sort of Libertarian paradise. If you knew him, though, you had to figure glow-in-dark nuclear holocaust was more likely. Continue reading “If everybody were like me, the world would be…”

Ronan would have turned 15 today

Facebook just reminded me: my dog, Ronan MacScottie, would have been 15 today. He died on October 19, 2014. It’s always a joy to remember the energy and attitude and laughter he brought to my life every day. Literally, every day, without exception, he made me laugh. As I have noted before, he was with me through some very dark times, and more days than I like to recall that was the only smile that crossed my face. On the other hand, the day he died was among the worst of my life, and it still guts me to think about … Continue reading Ronan would have turned 15 today

Does the Culture Index accurately describe me? You make the call.

My friend thinks personality tests are hooey, and he’s often right. This one hit pretty close to home, though.

So a couple weeks ago back I put in online apps for a couple of jobs. A new job isn’t plan A, but I will soon know if my first two months at the current gig are reflective of what the rest of my time there will be like. There is great potential here, but if it’s going to always be the way it has been so far it’s not going to be sustainable. Period.

I got an email from one of the jobs with a survey they wanted me to take. The “Culture Index,” it’s called. You first get a screen full of adjectives – dozens of them – and they ask you to click the ones that describe you. Cool – I do so. Continue reading “Does the Culture Index accurately describe me? You make the call.”