Welcome to Lullaby Pit, one of the oldest sites on the Web. The Pit was originally launched on or about April 1, 1994, making it, as best I can tell, one of the first 2,000 or so branded sites in the world.

We’ve been through a lot of changes along the way – evolving missions, periodic redesigns, technology upgrades, etc. Originally Lullaby Pit was what you’d call a primitive portal – I used it as a links archive for my students, professors and colleagues who were just learning their way around the Internet. After awhile it became more of a repository for original content, like essays, fiction and poetry. Eventually, in the early 2000s, the Pit became a blog.

There’s a lot of content here and as the categories indicate, it covers some thematic ground. Enjoy.

About Me

Born: 2/2/61, Winston-Salem, NC

BA: Wake Forest University, 1984 (Psychology major, English minor)
MA: Iowa State University, 1989 (English, Creative Writing Concentration)
PhD: University of Colorado, 1999 (Mass Communications)

My PhD research interests focused on popular culture, and my dissertation addressed our culture’s historical views of science and technology and how these ideologies are reflected in the popular debate over the Internet.

Before and after graduating with my doctorate, I spent three years at US WEST in Denver, developing and managing a variety of Net-based programs for the PR and Employee Communications units. In July 2000 I became a victim of the Qwest/USW merger, and a couple months later moved to Boston, where I served as Web site Managing Editor for ATG.

Boston proved not to be my kind of town. A great city, to be sure, but a very different energy level than I’m looking for in life. So in July 2001 I moved back to Denver.

From September 2001 until February 2004 I worked for Gronstedt Group as Communications Director, where I handled creative content development, PR, business development and consulting chores for a variety of Fortune 1000 and Global 500 clients. I spent a year as an associate professor in the Journalism & Mass Communication program at St. Bonaventure University in New York, teaching a variety of courses in both the undergrad curriculum and the graduate program in Integrated Marketing Communications.

In August of 2005 I moved back to my hometown of Winston-Salem (insert appropriate Thomas Wolfe quote here), and on October 31 joined a local, very small-pond local ad agency (that thinks it’s a forward-looking strategic marketing firm) as Director of Strategic Development. Big mistake, but there’s only so much you can know from a few interviews. Lessons learned.

A few months later I was contacted by some old colleagues from ATG, who were in the process of building a new mobility content and services company called RazzberrySync. They invited me aboard as a principal with primary responsibility for content (plus marketing and biz dev support, obviously). I also consulted on my own (as Black Dog Strategic) from mid-2006 until August 2008, when I joined a Denver-based financial services firm as Director of Marketing. That ended in late 2010, at which point I went back to consulting on my own and enjoying the pleasures of working with some really smart people.

In August 2013 I took a job with RKG and moved to Seattle. It went sideways when they closed the office three months later and laid everybody off, but after a few months they hired me back and moved me to Bend, Oregon. Then, almost immediately, we got acquired, and as it turns out the new boss has offices in downtown Denver. So finally I’m home again. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

I have published a few stories and a few more poems (including a few things recently) and I’ve written three or four poetry manuscripts that are currently in need of a publisher. Let me know if you know one. And in June of 2012 I bought my first camera. I’ve always loved photography, and I know several great shooters. So I decided to see if I could learn to do it myself. So far, so good.

I’m also co-founder and executive editor of Scholars & Rogues, one of the most unique and uniformly outstanding blogs on the Internet. If you get bored here, I’ve written hundreds of things over there. Feel free to have a look.

Finally, you may trip across the occasional post authored by Dr. Sidicious Bonesparkle. Dr. Sid is…well, that’s a complicated story. Make of it what you will.

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