7 thoughts on “Facebook’s See Less: the new “feature” that DOES. NOT. WORK.”

  1. Crushed. Crushed am I. Oh, well.

    I’ve noticed the same thing. FB seems compelled to replace a “see less” with a “see much more.” It’s irritating as hell.

  2. I found this piece to be an affront to horny Hyaenidae everywhere. That said, I agree entirely. The only way I’ve found to subdue hyperposters is to unfollow them and then visit their pages at my occasional leisure.

    Facebook should be fun and entertaining and educational. When it strays turn the son of a bitch off. That’s my elder wisdom.

    Big Chief Limping Lizard

  3. Oh, hey. I got a ping from FB that you’ve seelessed me. Gee. Thanks 😛 Just kidding, but that’s the kind of thing that wouldn’t surprise me from them, either. When they can’t get simple functions right, how long before they screw up and start sending see less/unfriend notifications? Then the drama can get really thick.

  4. It’s not just you. I came here via Google, keywords being “facebook see less doesnt work”. I also agree of anything I’m now seeing every single post by those I wanted to see less from. It’s coming close to ruining my Facebook as a whole.

  5. I fucking hate this. Tried the same hundreds of times, on one particular person, I do not want to unfollow – but “see less” is almost a must. Yesterday, I clicked on an unwanted photo of her – hide, see less, you know the drill… Today, I got THE SAME picture in news feed, saying that she COMMENTED on a photo of her. Why the fuck would I care, if I clicked on that particular picture, saying that not only I don’t want to see that one, but also much less of the kind.

    Long story short – it doesn’t work and they should remove it.

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