Vote for Sam in the Doors Open Denver Photo Contest! Or don’t. But vote for somebody.

I always sort of hate it when people ping me and ask that I vote for them in contests they have entered. I usually do, but inside I’m thinking hey, what if I don’t think you’re the best? I love and support my friends, of course, but when it’s time for me to enter something, I’m self-conscious about saying “go vote for me.”

So, I’m entered in the annual Doors Open Denver Photo Contest. Most of it is juried, but there is also a people’s choice vote, and I’d like to invite you to vote for me – if you think I’m worthy. There are a lot of talented shooters entered, and if you hit the site and decide you like other people more, vote for them. I understand.

If you do like my shots, though, I’d be grateful for your support. I don’t expect to win anything, but it’s always nice to get a little love, anyway.

Here’s how you do it. Go to the contest site here.
I think you have to click and like the page, which shouldn’t be too egregious. If you hate the whole concept you can go and unlike it after you vote.

My shots are conveniently near the top since I entered just before the deadline. If your interface is like mine the shots are on the third and fourth rows, or thereabouts.

They are:


Duffy’s Cherry Cricket

Row A, Seat 109

Row A, Seat 109: Old Elitch TheaterIf you vote for me, many thanks. If you don’t, I’m nonetheless grateful for your support of other photographers, any number of whom deserve your respect.



9 thoughts on “Vote for Sam in the Doors Open Denver Photo Contest! Or don’t. But vote for somebody.”

  1. I voted for you, Sam, and my favorite is the organ stop. I see that the traditional shot of the entire nave of St. John’s has more votes so far, but it isn’t nearly as original as yours, which shows a much more interesting eye.

    1. Thanks Wendy. I like my wide angle church shot but it has no chance of winning, I don’t think. Others are doing the same shot, and I just don’t know how the judges react to that. The thing I like most is the organist, amidst all the grandeur, head down prepping for the next day’s service. But I could only enter one in that category and felt like the Elitch Theatre shot was better.

  2. I voted, but the number of votes on the picture didn’t change. Not sure if it is supposed to or if I’m doing it wrong. Live the shots, especially “Stop”.

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