Dear North Carolina: do the right thing

I’m a North Carolina native. Today, voters in my home state are going to make an important choice between the 21st century and the 19th, between love and hate, between enlightenment and ignorance.

Get to the polls, folks, and do the right thing. Drive a stake through the heart of Amendment One.


5 thoughts on “Dear North Carolina: do the right thing”

  1. Ideally, this amendment should not be needed; however, so long as there are judges that choose to ignore the context in which laws were written, we will continue to have a series of amendments defining those words which are seen as being changed by activist judges. Laws must be applied using the language of the time at which the laws were written – not interpreted by justices using whatever they feel is correct. Since there has been judicial activism to change the meaning of the word “marriage”, this amendment is (unfortunately) necessary.

  2. Bryane,

    What is the meaning of the word “marriage”? Based on my research, that meaning has changed substantially throughout history. Many societies had more than one kind that granted various levels of legal rights and constraints. So, what is the final, definition of marriage. I’m curious.

  3. “Love one another even as I have loved you.” – Jesus – Whose only comment on weddings was that he thought they needed more wine served….

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