Four Percenters Unite!: Study says some humans are four percent caveman

Hey, I’m not making this stuff up.

We have met Neanderthals, and they are us – or about 1 to 4 percent of each of us.

That is one implication of a four-year effort to sequence the Neanderthal genome – essentially setting out in order some 3 billion combinations of four key molecules that together represent the Neanderthals’ genetic blueprint. (Full story…)

Interesting. So, if some folks have more Neanderthal slouching around their genome than others, who might these four percenters be? I have theories.

I’m pretty sure there are more. But hey, it’s the 21st Century and we believe in diversity, so all you 4%ers out there, be proud of who you are, okay?

16 thoughts on “Four Percenters Unite!: Study says some humans are four percent caveman”

  1. Well you at least add the ‘rogue’ into S&R today. The article you link to actually recognizes the ‘exploration of human uniqueness’ which I am sure is your intention here, even while making fun of the dead.

  2. I agree. We shouldn’t make fun of the dead. Because sometimes those bitches suddenly revive and start throwing crack pipes and stiletto heels at you.

      1. I’m cool with mocking pretty much anyone, alive or dead. Life’s too short to not have a sense of humor, and I don’t know anyone who hasn’t deserved mockery from time to time. That someone’s dead doesn’t make them any more or less deserving of mockery.

  3. Just thought I’d point out that only those of non-African descent are believed to be in that 1-4 percent range, so some people on that photo gallery may not belong there, scientifically speaking at least. I’ll let you get back to mocking Ubertramp.

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