More on the radio interview: hear Sam speak!!!

For those of you who haven’t found a CNN Radio outlet in your area, below are the clips they’re using from my interview this morning. I’ll warn you in advance – I can’t promise that I’m interesting.

They’re doing three different snips. I’ll give you the voiceover lead-in followed by the audio link.

1: Bigger Picture: “Among the standard media types at the Democratic National Convention will be their cyberspace counterparts, bloggers. One of those attending will be Sam Smith, who says bloggers will provide a larger perspective of the convention.”


2: Convention Roles: “The number of blogs on the internet is being reflected at the Democratic Nat’l Convention. Four years ago, 30 blogs were credentialed for the DNC; in 2008, four times as many. Blogger Sam Smith says blogs are now part of the media.”


3: Media Reach: “Bloggers will be out in full force at the Democratic National Convention, with 120 credentialed websites ready to inform their readers about the event. Blogger Sam Smith says the blogosphere and mainstream media perform and important role.”


Truly, I feel like the guy from the man-in-the-street interviews in Bloom County right about now….


2 thoughts on “More on the radio interview: hear Sam speak!!!”

  1. Didn’t you use to do radio at one time Sam? I have to admit, you’re so well spoken (as we learned during Rho’s wedding) that I’d definitely listen to you if you were a political pundit on the radio (hire him NPR or CNN radio for that matter). Good luck on the convention coverage. I have to admit, I’m jealous!

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