More on the radio interview: hear Sam speak!!!

For those of you who haven’t found a CNN Radio outlet in your area, below are the clips they’re using from my interview this morning. I’ll warn you in advance – I can’t promise that I’m interesting.

They’re doing three different snips. I’ll give you the voiceover lead-in followed by the audio link.

1: Bigger Picture: “Among the standard media types at the Democratic National Convention will be their cyberspace counterparts, bloggers. One of those attending will be Sam Smith, who says bloggers will provide a larger perspective of the convention.” Continue reading More on the radio interview: hear Sam speak!!!


CNN Radio interview

And away we go. I just did an interview with Brendan Gage of CNN Radio, so you’ll be able to hear my voice emanating from a radio near you starting here in about an hour.

The reporter asked me about the role and impact of blogs and what we at S&R hope to accomplish in the coming days, and I tried to speak intelligibly. However, if I sounded like I had only been awake for ten minutes, it’s because I had only been awake for ten minutes.

He reached out to me, Crooks & Liars and Daily Kos. How in the hell S&R found itself running in the same pack as those big dogs I have no clue. But it can’t be a healthy sign for The Republic….