The George Carlin of Italy?

Italy is a marvelous culture – truly, one of the remarkable places on Earth. But it’s also a nation with deep problems. America isn’t the only place that has to turn to comedians to hear the truth: meet Beppe Grillo.

Thx to Dr. Frank Venturo for passing this on.


One thought on “The George Carlin of Italy?”

  1. Grillo wrote an insightful little tome called “Chao America” a few years back after visitng for years and then finally living here for a year. He noted the differences between the USA and Italy. The one I found most interesting was that there are no second chances in Italy. In America we are allowed to try anything. And if we fail, we file bankruptcy and start over. In Italy, if you fail – you will never get another loan or be able to face friends and family. In most cases you have to leave your town the stigma is so great…I suppose that is deeply ingrained culturally but maybe that would be a place to start

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